About Tenacity
About Tenacity

Giving rural Canadians the opportunity to live, work and thrive.

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Unlocking an Innovation Exchange.

Founded by CJ Thompson, Tenacity Capital is a modern day investment parent company, partnering with exceptional businesses and brands across Canada. Headquartered in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, Tenacity was established as a new model of infrastructure for rural Canada, allowing Canadians to live, work and thrive in the non-urban communities they love.

To build the future of Canadian opportunity, we focus on three key pillars:



We formalize partnerships at all levels of government as well as with large Canadian corporations, to provide the necessary resources required to make an impact in each region. Growth and talent attract large corporations. Therefore, we’re able to partner with some of Canada’s largest companies, who contribute valuable resources to our local projects. We’re helping industry leaders identify and capitalize on disruptive technologies and emerging behaviors.


Our purpose built platform is designed to de-risk innovation and entice private capital off the sidelines into projects that will directly stimulate and grow that local economy.


Our projects receive ongoing support and guidance from our network of top advisors, stemming from some of the largest corporations in Canada. We use their experience and resources as fuel for long-term innovation in each region.

With Tenacity’s infrastructure, we’re demonstrating that anyone can build, operate or work for high quality global businesses across rural Canada. We believe in this thesis so much that we’ve launched and funded a new rural investment platform called Tenacity Rural Ventures. Since inception four years ago, we have invested over $13 million into early-stage rural technology businesses

Why Rural Businesses are the Future for Canada?

Almost 20 percent of our population lives in rural Canada, and these communities contribute about 30 percent of Canada’s economic output. For these communities, diverse geographies and climates present unique challenges, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Tenacity Capital invests in high-potential early-stage and growth-stage enterprises in rural communities to drive economic development and diversification. Unlike traditional venture capital that is premised on an exit or the sale of a company to gain a return. Tenacity Capital will deploy patient capital with the goal of building long-term enterprises that boost rural economic diversification, reducing outmigration of youth and attracting an anchoring talent and intellectual property while creating strong urban-rural linkages.

Lower Business Operating Costs

With today’s technology and high speed internet, an entrepreneur can operate their business from almost anywhere. Building a business is hard enough, without having to deal with sky-high leases and salaries. Our portfolio companies are ditching their high priced city offices and moving outside urban centres to provide their employees with higher quality office space, at a fraction of the cost.

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Sustainable, Long-Term Mindset

We’re living through an era of financial arbitrage. New technology companies are raising capital for their businesses at exorbitantly high valuations and completely ignoring any sense of sustainable profit. The tide is about to go out. We’re kick-starting the shift in the way entrepreneurs build and operate their businesses. By keeping operating costs lower and quality of life higher, our founders are building sustainable, cash generating companies for the long haul.

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Better Quality of Life

Whether driving with the windows down, riding a bike or walking; the daily commute to the office is always a refreshing experience to start your day. One week of working outside the city and you’ll wonder why you spent all that time on trains, buses, subways and taxis.

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Prince Edward County – Our First investment location

The County is part of a vibrant rural Canadian region bustling with wineries, breweries and beaches. However, much of our community’s employment comes from seasonal tourism and the region’s growth rate for youth population is shrinking.


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