Impact Beyond Returns.

One of One

High growth investing, anchored in real estate.

Our mission is to deliver superior value to our shareholders by forming collaborative partnerships that produce operational excellence and innovation. When we perform for our shareholders, they entrust us with more capital, support our firm's growth into new industries and help solidify our position as the leader in growing rural communities.

Being a Shareholder

Our investors are private shareholders who have been highly vetted, and are stewards to an exclusive public-private partnership with the Federal Government of Canada. Investors receive unprecedented access to our family of companies, our corporate partners, world-class advisors and mentors through Tenacity’s  Private Access Portal.

As a shareholder, you own a piece of one of the top rural investment companies in Canada. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our shareholders, the companies in which we invest, and the communities in which we live and work.

We’re Building Something Different.

We often talk about the unique benefits of our structure and business model – which marries local investor capital with the experience of some of Canada’s greatest business minds, the horsepower of some of Canada’s largest companies and unparallelled risk mitigation from the Federal Government of Canada. We’re able to secure unprecedented support from these partners because they all recognize the need for innovation in our rural economy and therefore seek to align with our mission. Unlike anywhere else, Tenacity investors benefit from the breadth and experience of our entire network of corporate partners and thought leaders.

Who We Serve

Most affluent families living in rural Canada do not have the inclination or resources to profitably invest in new technology-enabled businesses. However, the largest investment funds in the world are now allocating significant portions of their funds to investment in technology companies because of the potential for high returns. By connecting local investors with diligently curated technology businesses relocated to their community, we are filling an important gap in their family investment portfolios.

Long View

Tenacity is designed to preserve and grow our shareholders’ capital across market cycles, while also massively impacting the demographics and face of industry within the communities in which they live. Unlike traditional investment funds, we don’t need to compromise superior long-term returns by selling off great companies just for the sake of liquidity. Our goal is to own strong, profitable companies for the long-term. This is also the best way to attract the best entrepreneurs to Prince Edward County. Not only are Tenacity Businesses extremely attractive to talented entrepreneurs, but when done well they are incredible investment vehicles thanks to very high operating margins, recurring revenue with predictable low churn, strong revenue per employee, and the ability to fund continued growth through free cash flow. This is a major advantage Tenacity has over typical venture funds and we’re able to pursue this strategy as a result of our unique dividend model.

Premium Real Estate Asset

A highlight asset within our investment model involves the ownership and operation of our 23,000 square foot facility on the Picton Harbour. The PEC Innovation Centre is home to the companies in which we invest, as well as our dependable government health agency anchor tenants which occupy about 70% of the building.

Additionally, our 700+ feet of waterfront is the future home of our 70+ birth luxury marina, which is slated to be installed in Fall of 2020.

As we build out the marina and eventually a new 100,000 square foot commercial landmark building, this property provides much opportunity for Tenacity to make an impact on our community while also providing space for our incoming technology company investments.

I’m excited by this important real estate acquisition, which serves as an opportunity for Tenacity and our shareholders to demonstrate the strength of our business model on rural Canada.

CJ Thompson, Founder & CEO

The Principles That Matter Most

Everything we do is guided by these principles which define our character, culture and actions. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct. They are a fundamental strength of our business.

  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Entrepreneurship