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Tenacity Rural Ventures

We believe the greatest advancements in rural growth will come not from solo acts but from uncommon collaborations. So we created Tenacity Rural Ventures, to bring together some of Canada’s greatest minds, to drive our local communities forward.

Our venture platform, Tenacity Rural Ventures Inc, is an investment subsidiary established to fund entrepreneurs building long-term businesses

We invest in founders and businesses focused on capital efficiency, niche markets and balancing growth with sustainability of the business rather than growth at all costs. In other words, we invest in companies seeking to grow realistically over the long-term. Others may call these companies “Lifestyle Businesses”, we call them Real Businesses. Unlike traditional venture capital firms that work toward an exit or the sale of a company to gain a return, Tenacity Rural Ventures deploys patient capital through a unique private-public investment model with the goal of building financially sound enterprises that boost rural economic diversification and contribute to sustainable development.

Our approach to supporting entrepreneurs:

  1. Investment – Tenacity makes a significant long-term investment in a , with the goal of that being the only capital injection the company will ever require to reach profitability.
  2. Office Space – Entrepreneurs receive office space at our New Venture Studio in Prince Edward County.
  3. Access – Access to the Tenacity network of corporate partnerships, advisors and mentors from across Canada.
  4. Freedom – Provide entrepreneurs the freedom to build their business to profitability without the traditional venture capital pressures of pursuing further funding or sale of the business.
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Building something compelling? Tenacity can help. Get In Touch